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Club Dendy allows members and their friends to enjoy the best in quality cinema at discounted prices as well as a range of exclusive benefits with our joint promotional partners.

This program is provided by Dendy cinemas.

  • perks: 59
  • comments: 3
  • members: 200
  • rating: 6.0000

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  • Avatar of SirDBSirDB

    I didn't want to join Club Dendy because of the joining fee but when the specials are half-off then I'm sure I'll get my money's worth! Has anyone else not joined because of the fee... I wish all programs were FREE!!!!!!!!

    3 repliesAdded about 3 years ago
  • Avatar of josiejosie

    has anyone redeemed perks for Dendy in Canberra?

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of DanDan

    best movie program out there in my opinion...BUT...why make someone go to the cinema to join? surely an online solution would be easier for everyone

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
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