Gloria Jeans Frequent Sipper

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Rewards for multiple purchases. The rate of free coffees earned is nothing special, but at least it's not out of the ball park. Make sure you pick up your card next time you buy a coffee

This program is provided by Gloria Jeans Coffees.

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  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Gloria Jeans Frequent Sipper program ranked 5th most popular through April 2011. Nice!

    0 repliesAdded about 3 years ago
  • Avatar of gamblarrgamblarr

    To be honest, I go to Gloria Jeans for the coffee, not the Frequent Sipper card. Gloria Jeans definitely has the best tasting coffee. There is a word on the street that Krispy Kreme is good too, but I had one at the local once and it wasn't too crash hot. I guess everyone else in here feels the same way?

    0 repliesAdded about 4 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Signed up to the online club today - Special offers and competitions "as they happen". What sucks about it? It requires you to enter a mobile phone number. This is fine when they have a little option for you to say you don't want to receive mobile offers but they didn't. So I guess I'm going to get some kind of annoying message sometime soon. I really dislike giving these people my mobile number...

    2 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Just make it double stamps every day of the week... Then change it to single stamps and buy 5 get 1 free... Perfect!

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
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