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Launched in April 2010, Hoyts Rewards offers little more than the Hoyts Movie Club. There is a membership fee of $10, however after registering your card online you will receive a free movie ticket. Enjoy the weekly member discounted movie and remember to flash your card each time to earn points that are redeemable for candy bar items.

This program is provided by Hoyts Cinemas.

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  • Avatar of SirDBSirDB

    Yes. I once have tried the blue zone but it also took too long to try and send me things. It also sent me a whole lot of promotional material that I did not need nor want. There should be a preview of what Hoyts are trying to send to you before you have to accept! Just a thought...

    0 repliesAdded about 3 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    And finally picked up my first points on the weekend. A whole 17 of them ;) Has anyone used the Blue Zone things? I turned bluetooth on but had to order my ticket before anything happened anyway so missed out... :(

    0 repliesAdded about 4 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    I joined Hoyts Rewards over the weekend. Registering online now. Still not happy that I had to get my card in the theatre instead of just purchasing one online... But, hey.

    0 repliesAdded about 4 years ago
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