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McDonald's. VIP. No way! To get this card you must be a very regular customer at McDonald's. The rewards are good considering it is a fast food restaurant and include free items when you make other purchases.

This program is provided by McDonalds.

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  • Avatar of basicbasic

    These cards have been discontinued :( I spoke to a lady from McDonalds this morning and the cards were phased out with the introduction of the Value Picks menu options.

    0 repliesAdded about 3 years ago
  • Avatar of CazMonsterCazMonster

    How do you even get the card?

    1 replyAdded about 4 years ago
  • Avatar of kimberleykimberley

    The VIP cards usually come out every december/january and customers with vip cards have to get theres swapped annually for it to be valid. The crew people don't actually handle the VIP cards, it's the managers, so i'm guessing if a manager knows your a regular you will get one. After about March the stores start running out for the year and don't get any till next December/January, they only usually get enough to replace old VIP cards... so be quick!

    3 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Well... I sent them an email asking about how to get the card. No response... and then I got a letter from McDonald's in the mail. A blank A4 piece of paper. A 1/3 piece of paper saying "With Compliments, Vivien". and a VIP card. No info on how to actually get it or anything. Just a card and some blank bits of paper... Good for drawing on. But, that's all the info I've got, so good luck :)

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
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