Petbarn Friends for Life Club

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Petbarn Friends for Life Club entitles you to discounts and special offers at all Petbarn outlets around Australia. Make sure you enquire next time you're in store.

This program is provided by Petbarn.

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  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Picked up some great bargains at the Members Only Exclusive 20% off sale at my local store last night. Good sale PetBarn, keep 'em coming.

    0 repliesAdded about 3 years ago
  • Avatar of OzMumOzMum

    The kids picked out a couple of nice-looking koi on the weekend to put in our new pond. woo woo!

    0 repliesAdded about 4 years ago
  • Avatar of basicbasic

    I bought a fish tank on the weekend that has three compartments. Took it home. Filled it up with water... leaky leaky leaky. Boooo! But, it wasn't a bad leak so I just got the silicon out. Still poor form. The lady was nice, the product was bad :(

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of bangtimebangtime

    Well... the only thing I buy from here are the crickets... or the only thing I used to buy from here was crickets. They're always poor quality and/or dead.

    1 replyAdded about 5 years ago
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