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Well, don't let the name fool you ;) It's not strictly a wine club, but a program called Wine Club. When you sign up you'll be welcomed with three special offers. The program includes member exclusive discounts and a points system. With locations all over Australia this looks like a pretty good program

This program is provided by Vintage Cellars.

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Latest Perks

Here's the latest offers from Vintage Cellars Wine Club.

  • Redeem a $25 Cellar Share

    500 points required

    For every 500 points you accumulate you will receive a Cellar Share which you can use a $25 discount on your next purchase of any wine, beer or spirit or you can use it to redeem selected products. Your Cellar Shares are posted to you with our Cellar Press magazine which is mailed regularly throughout the year.

  • Earn 1 Point per Dollar

    Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on wine products.

  • Special Welcome Offers

    Receive 3 welcome offers with your card

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Latest Comments

Here's what people are saying about Vintage Cellars Wine Club.

  • Avatar of basicbasic

    Vintage cellars launching exclusive, activation offers today. Have you received an activation offer from Vintage Cellars Wine Club?

    0 repliesAdded about 2 years ago
  • Avatar of jusjus

    Proving that the club is not only for wine, I just nabbed myself some points by buying THE best Czech beer - Pilsner Urquell on special! On special beer and loyalty points! gold (or pils as the case may be)

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of joburkeyjoburkey

    This is such a great club, you get rewarded for how much you spend. It's my local bottleshop so earning points is easy!!!!

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
  • Avatar of jusjus

    the beer we get from there is nice - that's all i know ;)

    0 repliesAdded about 5 years ago
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